Stakur grænmetispoki / Veggie Bag (single week)

Stakur grænmetispoki / Veggie Bag (single week)

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Hér að neðan finnur þú allar upplýsingar um stöku grænmetispokana okkar. Upplýsingarnar eru á ensku:

We will make a veggie bag for you this week that is the same as our subscribers receive. The weekly veggie bag option is convenient for fast pickup or home delivery without committing to a subscription or needing to pick specific vegetables. You just get the same as subscribers: a bag made up of our freshest in-season vegetables harvested just for you. Plus you get a 5% discount off our retail veggie prices on our market table.

6995 ISK per weekly bag (approximately 3500 ISK/kilo) without subscription.

You may choose your preferred form of payment at checkout for this item, either VISA debit/credit or bank transfer.

VSK/VAT tax is included in this price. 

How do you get it?

Option 1: SÆKJA / PICKUP

Saturdays 11:00-15:00 at The Coocoo's Nest in Grandi, 101 Reykjavík


Wednesdays after 14:00 in Seljahverfi, Breiðholt, 109 Reykjavík


Add this item to your cart and then you will choose which pick up date/time at checkout.


1) Choose "pickup" on the cart page

2) At checkout, choose "pickup" and select your preferred day for pickup.


Cost is calculated based on your postal code and starts at 1200 ISK per delivery in the Capital standard area.

1) Add this item to your cart

2) Choose which day you want delivery on the cart page

3) At checkout, choose "ship" and enter your address.

4) Choose local delivery.

What's in the bag? 

At least 2 kg of tasty, beautiful veggies.

Below is a good example of what comes in your veggie bag and the approximate amounts of each type of item you can expect. Please note that items will differ each week based on the farm's seasonal planting and harvest schedule. 

Every week you will generally receive:

Tomatoes (ex: Rainbow cherry mix, heirloom slicers, and/or beefsteak): 320 grams

Green curly kale, Black Kale, Red kale, or collard greens: 400 grams

Baby greens mesclun, salad blend, arugula, or fresh culinary herbs: 400 grams

Plus other items based on seasonality and harvest: 880 grams
(ex: Courgette, Cucumber, Eggplants/Aubergines, sweet snack peppers, hot peppers, sweet salad turnips, golden or red beets, rainbow radishes, broccolini, celery, carrots, or new potatoes)

How do we determine the vegetable quantities for your bags?:

It is our mission to help our customers live more healthily and happily with access to fresh and nutritious vegetables. With every bag, we include at least 2 kg of fresh vegetables. That amount equals more than 26 (standard 75 gram) portions of vegetables. 

If two people share this vegetable bag each week and consume everything in it, you both would receive the entirety of your recommended daily minimum 4-5 portions of vegetable intake for optimal nutrition for 5-6 days per week. 

Individual vegetarians and vegans could rely on this bag as the basis of many of their meals each week.