Vistræktað grænmeti í íslenskri jörð í Reykjalundi í Grímsnesi

We use ecological and regenerative growing practices in Icelandic soil to produce nutrient-dense, fantastic tasting vegetables delivered fresh to your doorstep or local pickup location. In our growing system, we focus on the health of the soil biology and that of the surrounding ecosystem. We never spray pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides of any kind, and we do not use synthetic fertilizers.

The foundation of our farm is our subscription program, rooted in the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA is a well established way to support local farmers and food systems, and provide an alternative to industrial agriculture and imported food. The CSA model provides a direct link between our farm and our community of subscribers wherein you pay in advance for a share of our farm's harvest, partnering in the rewards and risks associated with ecological and regenerative farming in Iceland. Our partnership means that together we can produce a community-based food system rooted in regeneration of our ecosystem instead of extraction. Together we can reduce excessive packaging, food waste, and emissions from long-distance transport, while supporting living wage jobs in our food system. These are our committments to you when you make your commitment to us. It's our pleasure to grow for you!

Grænmetispokar sumarsins 2023 / Seasonal Veggie bags

  • Stakur grænmetispoki / Veggie Bag (single week)
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